About Paraffin Wax

Our candles are made from a custom blend of paraffin and soy waxes. Why? We love scented candles, and frankly, paraffin holds and emits fragrance at a higher level than soy's capability. Also, we love the colors of our candles, and paraffin also holds color better than soy.

It's important to note that, according to the National Candle Association, all types of quality waxes available burn cleanly and no wax, including paraffin, is toxic. Most paraffin waxes manufactured in the United States are actually food grade waxes which have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Paraffin wax is indeed a by-product of petroleum as it is refined for gasoline. So, as American continues its love affair with the freedom associated with the automobile, paraffin will always be available for use as an ingredient for candle-making! 

True, soy wax is created from renewable products. But I challenge you to think about how soy wax is created - with gasoline-powered tractors cultivating and harvesting our soybean crops!

Many choices are available to you in your home fragrance options. And we hope that if you enjoy highly scented products, you continue to turn to us for your home fragrance needs.  

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Dreaming of Fragrance

Ok, I admit it – sometimes I actually dream about new fragrances. Don’t laugh! It isn’t so different from the basketball player who dreams about his free throw, the businessman who dreams of signing his once in a lifetime contract, or the med student who dreams of acing his MCAT.

It’s a sign of dedication to your work.

So, driving today, I found myself dreaming of new fragrances for our fall line. Sometimes fall is easier – the harvest is in, it’s time to cook again, and the holidays are coming soon. So scents of apple, pumpkin and cinnamon are fairly easy to dream. But I like to push myself.

Recently, I’ve been intrigued with the Caramel Swirl Coconut from Dunkin’ Donuts; I’m too curious about the double sweetness and I’ll have to try that one soon. So, in thinking about caramel, I also dreamed about Caramel Chai Tea and Caramel Latte.

Recently I tested Almond Vanilla and Almond Chocolate Biscotti. Both were wonderful, but I could smell the Almond Chocolate Biscotti all through our space!

What are your favorite fall fragrances? Let us know – we just might name our new inspiration for you! 

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We're here!

Welcome to the first post from The Columbia Fragrance Co.!


Join us on our journey of creating a new fragrance company, made with you in mind. As our brand becomes established, as our logo is designed, as fragrances and products are added, you’ll be the first to know each step of the way.


For now, please like our page on Facebook


Thank you for joining us! Please let us know you’re here – comment below with your favorite fragrances, what you like about candles, or anything else that comes to mind! 


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