January Fragrance of the Month - Caramel & Coconut

Caramel & Coconut candlesThe January fragrance of the month is our newly created Caramel & Coconut. 

This scent is a sweet treat for your home, yet one that brings a comfy, warm feel without being overly decadent. Caramel brown in color, these candles will fit with any decor.

What was the inspiration for this scent? Believe it or not, this fall Dunkin' Donuts offered Caramel & Coconut as a coffee flavor. It sounded so good that we had to recreate the scent in a candle.

All January, all Caramel & Coconut products are 25% off. 




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Gift Ideas for Your One-Year Anniversary

We are so pleased to have our Aromatherapy Gift Baskets included in Shecky's Gift Ideas for Your One-Year Anniversary collection

Shecky’s believes girlfriends are a source of strength, nurture and inspiration that women should always appreciate. That’s why they’ve made it their mission to create social experiences that empower and reward women to discover and socialize with their girlfriends.

For other ideas, check out their online publication here!

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2013 Holiday Catalogue


New this year is our 2013 Holiday Catalogue, filled with gift selections ranging from pine cone firestarters, fragrance gift baskets, and aromatherapy gift baskets.
Please feel free to browse these pages and to forward to a friend!


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Thank you, Brandy!

Today we'd like to thank Brandy of the Life With a Southern Girl blog.

Brandy chose to review our Apple Harvest candles. Here'e a brief excerpt:

My home smells so good when it is lit. My son said "mommy, it smells so good I want to eat it!"

We are glad you enjoyed our candles, and truly hope your son didn't eat it!

Please head over to her blog to read the complete review. 



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Cyber Monday sale


Start your holiday shopping with The Columbia Fragrance Co. this year. Get 25% off your purchase of $25 or more with coupon code SMBD25! Coupon expires Monday, December 2nd at 11:59 PM. 

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The Friday Before Black Friday Sale

This weekend marks our first ever Friday Before Black Friday sale!

Stock up now on candles for this holiday season or start your holiday shopping with us. Use coupon code B4BLACKFRIDAY for 33% off your entire purchase. 

Have a special request? Contact us here to tell us what you'd like.




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Shop handmade this holiday season

We are proud to have our products featured in this 2013 Holiday Gift Guide published by The Artisan Group. Support the small business community this year and shop here first!


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Find us now on Candlefind!

Find us now on Candlefind, the leading internet site who tests candles and melts from a wide variety of candle companies and share the results publicly. Their candle reviews are unbiased and nothin' but honest. While on their site, check out their popular candle forum and review board where candle lovers post reviews about their favorite and not so favorite companies.
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Thank you Small Town Sisters!

Pumpkin Chai Tea candleToday we'd like to thank Kir and Meg of the Small Town Sisters blog who asked to feature our Pumpkin Chai Tea candles in this months series on, well, pumpkins! We love the kind words you said about this awesome fragrance and enjoy the beautiful pics as well! Please visit their fun blog today.




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Thank you, Dana!

Cheers to Novelty blogToday we'd like to do a shout out to Dana O., who won our August giveaway. She chose as her prize a Mango Papaya and a Rosemary & Mint candle, and enjoyed them so much she offered to write a review. 
To learn more about our company and our products, please take the opportunity to read her post on Cheers to Novelty. There's a special giveaway at the end! (Please note, giveaway ends midnight October 8th.) 




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Introducing our new Stud Scents!

Men love candles, but it can be difficult to find a container and scent together - until you shopped here!
We've gathered our favorite Stud Scents and poured them into our 4 oz and 8 oz travel tin containers, then embellished the lids with black ribbon. these candles will suit any masculine decor! 
Stud Scent candles are available in the following fragrances:
  • Mountain Lake - a truly manly, man scent, fresh from the outdoors
  • Ocean - outdoors with a touch of musk
  • Rosemary & Mint - fresh and clean
  • Spiced Lavender - cinnamon and lavender together, trust us on this one!
  • Spiced Peppercorn - clove, nutmeg, and pepper
  • White Tea & Ginger - clean with a touch of fresh ginger
  • Vanilla Tobacco - tobacco leaf, vanilla, and a touch of sandalwood
Get yours here today!
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Introducing Massage Candles!

New to The Columbia Fragrance Co. are our massage candles! Hand poured from all natural soy wax, sweet almond oil, and shea butter, each candle contains an essential oil of your choice to calm, relax, or motivate you!

To use, light the wick and allow a melt pool to develop into a lotion (approximately 20 minutes). When you have enough lotion, extinguish the flame. Either by pouring from one of the corners of the tin or by dipping your fingers into the oil, begin to work the lotion into the skin as you would any massage oil. 

Soy wax melts at 101 degress, amazingly close to body temperature, so as long as the flame is extinguished, there is no fear for burning. 

Currently, the following essential oils are available: 

Bergamot - lively, inspiring, uplifting
Eucalyptus - activating, vitalizing, energizing
Lavender - soothing, normalizing, balancing
Lavender & Sage - soothing, normalizing, balancing, focusing, stimulating, 
Rosemary & Mint - purifying, uplifting, revitalizing, invigorating, cooling

Get your massage candles here!

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