5 Ways to Use Fragrance in Your Home Office

5 Ways to Use Fragrance in Your Home Office

We love candles. That’s what initially drove us into business so many years ago. But candles aren’t always the best method for scenting our home office.

When we’re working, we want as little distraction as possible, especially when working from home. We may already have the distraction of home schooling, the dog or kitty cat, or delivery service. So try to find scenting alternatives which require little thought and oversight.

  • Use a reed diffuser. Reed diffusers are great for small spaces. They can provide a simple aesthetic to the home office which gradually releasing fragrance. Be sure to turn your reeds at least once a week for to enable the fragrance to pull through the reed. Try positioning them near a vent so the air flow can help distribute the scent through the room. (More tips available here.) 
  • Use a mist diffuser. Popular and widely available, most mist diffusers are marketed for use with essential oils. The chemical composition of fragrance oils is not dramatically different from essential oils, making them safe to use in these small appliances. Mist diffusers have the added benefit of automatic shut off, enabling their safety in the home.
  • Use a fragrance warmer. This is a personal choice of ours. Often used for wax melts warmers distribute fragrances more true to their chemical structure and without being distilled by water. Placed near a vent, they can provide the most natural scent of your oil, similar to the reed diffusers. But warmers have the benefit of breaking down the oils and releasing more fragrance, making them a stronger option.
  • Find other uses for fragrance oil. One of our favorite methods is to put a few drops of fragrance oil on the air filter in the furnace. But if you’re scenting your office differently from your home (see our post on 5 Ways to Freshen Your Home Office), try putting a few drops on a paper towel which you’ll then place in a vent. Can your paper towel with the same frequency as your air filter. (More tips on using home fragrance oils here.) 
  • Use a fragrance spray. If you’re like me, your new desk is your living room table. Spritzing a few sprays onto the skirt of the tablecloth and your fragrance will waft as you move throughout the day.


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