Using your reed diffuser fragrance oils

Using your reed fragrance oils

One of the questions we are often asked is, "What is the difference between your home fragrance oils and your reed diffuser oils?" Great question! Simply put, our both oils can be used in most home fragrance applications, but the reed diffuser oils are specially blended for use with reeds, or "sticks" as they are more commonly known.

With reed diffusers, the "sticks" are pourous pieces of reeds which carry fragrance throughout the length of the reed. The oil is more viscous, allowing the oil to carry to the top of the stick and evaporate into the air. To get the most use out of your reed diffusers, we recommend turning the reeds at least once a week. In practice, I turn my reeds daily. The fresh oil which was recently soaked is now on top, so not only the fragrance which has pulled through the reed but also the fragrance oil on the reed is now available to evaporate into the air.

It's also a good practice to make sure your reeds are spread as far apart as possible. This allows for better air circulation around the scented reeds, which can then carry throughout your room. Evaporation of the oil may also depend upon the humidity of your environment. 

Having a decorative, small vase can bring a pretty element into your room, but I also use the reeds straight in the bottle at my desk. 

Reed diffusers are best used in smaller spaces, like a bathroom, small bedroom, office, or cubicle. As with any fragrance, scents with heavier bottom notes will carry more than lighter, ozone and top notes. 

I'm also often asked why we don't sell our reed diffuser oils in larger sizes. I've found that with my personal use of turning the reeds daily, my oils last approximately three months. Also, the reeds become clogged with oil and become less effective over time. Selling oils in larger sizes would yield you product you would end up not using.

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