Our new jars

As we reflect on our six years in business, we realize how far we've come, while also recognizing we still have many opportunities to grow and to evolve. One of those evolutions involves changing the jars for our candles. While we love the contemporary look of the Madison jar, we found the opening we too inconsistent and would often not fit the silver lid we preferred. After months of experimenting and testing, we have decided to switch to a more traditional, apothecary-styled jar.

In preparing for the launch of this new style, we found three things:

  1. The candle burned best when double-wicked. This provides a larger melt pool, which in turn gives a greater release of fragrance.
  2. We use a smaller wick with the double-wicking, which reduces the grey soot on your jar and in the enviornment.
  3. The apothecary jar is molded, not poured, which provides a more consistent opening. Every jar will now be capped with silver lid - no more plastic replacement dust covers!
  4. The jars are less expensive, and we can pass these savings on to you.

At the end of the day, we want what you want - a great scented product, which will provide fragrance to our home. We hope feel the same and will enjoy this change. 

Thank you for your continued support. We could not be where we are without you.

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