Walt's Wonderful World
Best day ever smell! Talk about a mood booster! This scent takes you back to the most magical place of all time. It’s wonderful just as it says. I can’t compliment it enough. You literally smell it and sigh with a smile. Job well done with this!
Florida Orange Blossom
This smells wonderful. Reminds me of orange groves in Florida. The soap is wonderful. Creates a smooth, creamy foam and is a good base for layering. Love it. Will definitely be buying more!
Scent By Mickey
I can absolutely see the time and love you put into these boxes. It’s like Christmas every delivery! They are beautiful and the Etsy gifts are always spot on for the theme. Thanks for spreading the joy ❤️
Gatsby (Vanilla Tobacco)
I am very pleased with the Gatsby scent - fair priced enough that I can smell amazing ALL THE TIME and I love how convenient the little roll-on bottles are! I just ordered the diffuser oil so my office can smell equally fabulous! Thank you Dorene for your lovely company and great products!
Scent By Mickey subscription boxes - The Columbia Fragrance Co.
Candle of the Month Club Memberships - The Columbia Fragrance Co.
Gift cube - set of three 12 oz travel tins - The Columbia Fragrance Co.

The Magical Memories Collection

Let us bring back the magical memories of your favorites places. 

Walt's Wonderful World (Green Clover and Aloe) candles and home fragrances The Columbia Fragrance Co.
Magical Memories scent set
Magical Memories scent set
From $45.25 $47.75
Let's Go Soarin' scent set - The Columbia Fragrance Co.
Let's Go Soarin' scent set
From $45.25 $47.75
Banshee Bliss (Oakmoss and Amber) - The Columbia Fragrance Co.
Beach Bum - The Columbia Fragrance Co.
Beach Bum
From $6.00
Cinnamon Snack (Churro) - The Columbia Fragrance Co.
Cinnamon Snack (Churro)
From $6.00

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