Using your home fragrance oils

Now, with so many options on the market, home fragrance has never been so popular. No longer do we only have the option of candles or potpourri (remember that?), but we have a plethora of alternatives in the forms of sprays, waxes and oils.

Boosted by the current interest in essential oils, home fragrance oils are gaining popularity. 

We're frequently asked, "What's the difference between your home fragrance oils and your reed diffuser oils?" Simply put, the reed diffuser oils are lighter and more viscuous, which allows the fragrance to travel up the length of the reed before being released into the environment. 

Home fragrance oils are a bit heavier and should not be used with reeds. However, home fragrance oils are extremely versatile in their ability to scent your home or personal space. We recently asked our customers in a Facebook post how they most liked to use these products:

"I use it on wool dryer balls to make clothes smell great. I have also used it on wood clothespins and then placed them around the house-makes the house smell fresh." - Stephanie

Home fragrance oils can be used with warmers traditionally used for melts. We've found these to work better in smaller rooms for lighter scents. 

"I use the Walt's Wonderful World on my light bulb ring on my desk! I am in the most magical place even while I'm sending work emails!" - Hillary

Quite often we're asked if our fragrance oils are compatible with essential oil mist diffusers. And the answer is yes! Actually, this is the method we use to scent our home (when we're not testing new candle scents).

Our recommendation is to use up to ten drops of oil with every full vat of water. You may need to test the strength of the scent to see what works best for you. It's also best to use distilled water which should not leave behind any residue or sediment. We recommend cleaning your diffuser in between scents, or about once a week. Try using witch hazel in place of water for one cycle and gently wipe with a Q-tip. 

You can also take your favorite fragrance in the car. We're partial to the GreenAir diffuser shown in white because it functions similarly to the essential oil mist diffusers. Admittedly, they can be a little messy, and it's best to pour your water and oil before you start your trip! We also use these diffusers when we travel - they're a great way to make your hotel room feel like home, if you're not staying somewhere with a signature scent.

Alternately, the smaller diffusers plug into your charging port and do not require water to carry the scent. However, they do have pads which may require replacement after a few uses. 

Other uses include drizziling oil over the filter in your furnace to allow air flow to circulate through your ventilation system. Or, refresh that potpourri. 



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