Burning Your Candles: Tip #2

We recently posted about the importance of the first burn of your candle. Here's how to help them best burn each and every time following.

Remember the concept of the melt pool? It's the softer wax which melts more quickly than the rest of the candle. You'll notice this wax will melt much more quickly on the second burn than it did the first time.

A good rule of thumb is that a candle will burn one hour per inch of the diameter of the candle. So, using either of our jar candles as an example, the top and the bottom diameters are 3", so you'll need to allow about three hours for every burn. The larger the melt pool, the more fragrance will be released into your home, meaning the greater the fragrance throw from your candle.

Additionally, burn the candle only until you get 1/2" of a wax pool. Any more, and you risk the wax becoming too hot. The fragrance oil used is your candle is a combustible element. 

Also, if the wax becomes too hot, the glass itself could break. Glass is a funny material; you may not be aware of tiny fissures existing in the container which could melt, causing a sudden breakage.

So, what do you do if you didn't burn your candle correctly the first time, and each subsequent burn produces a lopsided candle? It's ok to scoop warm wax out of your container and create a level surface. Remember to use a spoon rather than a knife. Then treat the next burn as your would a first burn. 

What to do with the left over wax? Put it in a wax warmer and enjoy the fragrance while it lasts!

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March Fragrance of the Month - Green Clover & Aloe

We introduced Green Clover & Aloe to our Outdoors Collection last year to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and we're ever so glad we did! In the 12 months since its introduction, Green Clover & Aloe has become one of our best selling scents!
Green Clover & Aloe is a clean, fresh scent both men and women will enjoy. Reminiscent of an herb garden, there is enough aloe included to keep the fragrance from becoming too grassy. 
Customers often find our Green Clover & Aloe scent while searching for the "Disney scent." In fact, one customer wrote to us specifically saying she enjoyed the fragrance of her resort room so well, she begged for its name. Here's here feedback on her purchase:
"They smell exactly like a Disney resort!"
As the March Fragrance of the Month, all Green Clover & Aloe products are 25% off. Start your shopping here!
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Burning your candles: Tip #1

Did you know there is actually a right way to burn your candles? Here's step #1: the first burn:

The first time you burn your candle is the most important. Wax has a "memory" and will behave as you "tell" it to during the first burn. 

For the first burn, you should allow your candle to remain lit until the wax pool is melted completely across the width of the container. An easy way to estimate the amount of time this will take is to measure the diameter and to calculate approximately one hour per inch. So if you've purchase one of my 12 oz. Interlude jars, the diameter is 3 1/8" across the top, and you'll need to allow just over three hours, depending upon the fragrance and other conditions such as draft, for your first burn. 

This is what creates the "memory." Wax becomes softer with each melt and will burn the softest wax first. You'll notice that in subsequent burnings that this wax pool melts much more quickly. If you've allowed your first burn to melt correctly, you'll see your future burnings will melt this memory pool more quickly.

If your candle does not burn completely across in the first burn, you'll notice a "shrink pool" develop. And since melted wax is softer than its surrounding wax, this shrink pool will burn first, leaving a rim of stronger wax around it. It becomes more and more difficult for this wax rim to burn because the heated wax will burn what is surrounds it. As the wax pool increases in depth, it becomes easier for the wax to melt what is under it than what is around it.

Wick size can also be a factor, and in all candor, I've noticed that some of my earlier produced candles do not burn as well as those I currently make. I stand behind my product, and if you feel you've received an inferior candle, I will replace it at my cost.
But for now, take a look at candles you've recently burned, and pay attention to the next ones you light. Your candles will start to last longer!
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Decorating With Candles

We enjoy decorating with candles almost as much as we enjoy making them. Here's an easy idea for you:
Find some pretty glassware and lay a base layer of salt (or sugar).
Next, add a layer of coffee. 
Add a tea light on top.
This would also be pretty using different colors in your salt. Simply add a few drops of food coloring to complement your room or candles.
For more ideas, check out our Decorating with Candles board on Pinterest!
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Thank you, Think Art Loud!

Today we'd like to thank Think Art Loud for including us in their list of "scent-sational artists"! We truly appreciate being consider fragrance artists, as that's how we see ourselves. Instead of producing canned and standard scents, we continually look for new fragrances based on our own sensory intuition or external fragrance trends. 


Check out their blog post here!
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February fragrance of the month - Vanilla Bourbon

Vanilla Bourbon candleAs man candles continue to grow in popularity, we continue to search for fragrances to add to our Stud Scents collection. When we couldn't find a perfect bourbon, we decided to create one of our own.
Combining our rich Gourmet Vanilla scent with musky Kentucky Bourbon, this candle has fragrant top notes of caramel, with dark musky vanilla extract bottom notes. Not overly sweet, yet strong as a shot straight from Kentucky, this is a candle for both male and female candle lovers. 
All Vanilla Bourbon candles and fragrances are 25% off the entire month of February. Start your shopping here!



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Introducing Lavender & Sage

Lavender & Sage candleWe're excited to introduce to your the newest in our Lavender collection: our Lavender & Sage candles. 
Combining the light floral fragrance of Lavender with the clean of Sage and a touch of Lemongrass, these are a trip to fragrance heaven. We were inspired to create these as a custom blend for a boutique when we were in Ohio. The boutique has since closed, as we can now offer this line to all our customers!
Get yours here and try one today. 



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Thank you, Erika!

Cranberry Pomegranate candleErika of Healthy Habits, Healthy Homes recently wrote a review of our Cranberry Pomegranate candles:
Here's a brief excerpt:
"I must say that I am thoroughly pleased with the candle.  First and foremost the customer service was great and the packaging was great."
Our Cranberry Pomegranate candles are available here.



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New - Almond Vanilla

Vanilla Almond candleCombining two rich fragrances in one artisan candle, our new Almond Vanilla is sure to please. Nutty and coming close to an amaretto liqueur scent. almond adds an additional richness to our gourmet vanilla fragrance. If you're looking for a new vanilla scent, be sure to try Almond Vanilla. 

Almond Vanilla is available in our Kitchen Collection and here






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Thank you, Leigh!

Leigh of My Birkram Yoga Life recently wrote a review of our massage candles:
Leigh chose to review our Rosemary & Mint lotion/massage candles. Here's a brief excerpt:
"With Dorene’s products, you likely don’t have to worry about it (overly scented products). I found the scents to be of an appropriate level meaning I noticed them, the candle smelled like rosemary and mint, but it did not overwhelm me. It was heaven. Do you know what I think the best thing to do with this candle is? Light it while I take a bubble bath and drink a glass of red wine."
Read more of her review here.
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New - Rosemary & Pine

Rosemary & Pine candleNew custom blend for 2014 is our Rosemary & Pine candles. The scent of balsam fir is unmistakable in this masculine fragranced candle, and top notes of rosemary keep it from being overpowering. Fresh and clean, Rosemary & Pine is an eternal scent for all seasons. 
Purchase our Rosemary & Pine candles here





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New - Vanilla Bourbon

The new year is a perfect time to introduce new scents, and we're pleased to introduce our first to you - Vanilla Bourbon.
Our Vanilla Bourbon collection combine rich Gourmet Vanilla scent with musky Kentucky Bourbon into fragrant top notes of caramel, with dark musky vanilla extract bottom notes. Not overly sweet, yet strong as a shot straight from Kentucky, this is a fragrance for both male and female fragrance lovers. 
Vanilla Bourbon products are featured here.




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