Fragrance sprays
Fragrance sprays

Fragrance sprays, 4 oz


Complement your favorite candle scent with a burst of our room spray. Made from an all natural base, our spray is safe enough to be used as a body fragrance. Carry with you to use in your car, on your yoga mat, and more! 

For scent descriptions, please see the Our Fragrances page.


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Customer Reviews

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Banshee Bliss

This fragrance is perfect for men/boys. My 13 year old son wanted his own body spray. I wanted to get him something healthier than what you find in drug stores. This is a wonderful spray, he loves it! It smells a little like men's soap. Clean and handsome.

First time purchasing

The description of the fragrance you choose is spot on. Some are softer and need to spray more than the bottle states. The strong fragrance green clover aloe will stay in the air but the light Nectar of the God's doesn't. Spray more or spray on items to hold in a room. love every item I received, will definitely reorder to try everything they make.

Ryan Z.
Takes me back to the Boardwalk!

I love the spray and the oil! They definitely smell like the resort, fresh and clean and happy! I only wish I bought more of the spray. My bottle is already half empty/full.

Joyce T.
Apple and Oak Fragrance Spray

Very light aroma. Pleasant and fresh. Does not last long.

Teri V.
Love these sprays!

I love these sprays! So many of the different scents bring me right back to Disney World! I have too many favorites to list, but Savannah Soarin’ has such a fresh cut grass and spring flowers scent to it, I’d say that’s probably my first favorite. Second would be Walt’s Wonderful World, that always brings me back to The Wilderness Lodge and great memories from there. Polynesian Paradise reminds me of Polynesian Village with that great Pineapple scent. As I said I have so many favorites it’s hard to truly pick. These sprays are very well made. The scent lasts but is not overpowering. I use them all over the house. I’m so happy I accidentally found this company. The owner, Dorene is fabulous! So helpful. If I could give the company and all her products 100 stars I would!

Fragrance sprays, 4 oz