5 Ways to Freshen Your Home Office

5 Ways to Freshen Your Home Office

As we spend more time these days working in the home office, it’s more important than ever to create clear lines of distinction between our home and professional worlds. If you’re already able to focus on your output while working at home, great! If not, here are few tips how to help scent your home office for your professional work:

  • Empty your trash. This may sound obvious, but if you’re accustomed to working in an office building, you probably aren’t responsible for removing your trash or emptying the recycle bins. Working at home, you also probably aren’t clearing your trash as frequently as the overnight cleaning company does. Besides, do you really need a daily reminder than you cleaned the bag of potato chips from the pantry?
  • Clean your space. Ok, dust bunnies happen in a cubicle as well, and we probably don’t notice them until we clean our desk for something to do when the computers go down. Spritz a DIY cleaner, adding your own essential or fragrance oils, to make sure odors don’t get trapped in those tiny places we tend to overlook.
  • Open the window. Even opening the window just a crack will aid in ventilation, bringing the good aid in and circulating the bad air out. If you’re in the ‘burbs, this is especially beneficial on lawn mowing day!
  • Bring the outdoors in. If you have flowers in your garden, snip one and add it to a bud vase nearly. In addition to a soft floral scent, you’ll feel endorphins from knowing something you cultivated can bring beauty into your life. Don’t have a garden? Add a houseplant to your desk. Houseplants are natural deodorizers, cleaning the air of CO2 and other toxins. Think of how much they’ll grow when you need to debrief after a Zoom meeting!
  • Add scent to your space. Move your favorite fragrance product from the living or bedroom into your office and take a deep breath. Scent is one of our most primal senses and can help bring balance to our world when it’s needed most.

For more information, check out our blog post 5 Ways to Use Fragrance in Your Home Office.


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