Introducting Orange Chai!

Orange Chai candles by The Columbia Fragrance Co.

Nestle in for the scent of comfort with our new Orange Chai candles. Sweet, citrus orange combines with rich, spicy chai for a fresh yet familiar scent to both energize and comfort you through the long days of winter. 

Many inspirations for our food scents are derived from our love of cooking. Always searching for new combinations, we began thinking about alternative options for beverage scents. One of my favorite comfort beverages is Constant Comment tea. Taking this scent into a home fragrance, I wondered about combining the popularity and warmth of chai with the sweetness of orange. Chai is also just a touch spicy with a frothy touch. The result is a beautiful comfort fragrance, yet one which is surprisingly fresh and clean for any time of year.

We’re celebrating National Hot Tea month all January with 15% off all Orange Chai products!

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Introducing Montana - Big Open Sky

Part of our Americana Collection, Big Open Sky celebrates the wilderness and beauty of Montana. Big Open Sky is a masculine scent, made from custom blend of fresh outdoors, rain, and lavender.
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Introducing Citrus Soarin'!

With the popularity of our Walt's Wonderful World products, we've been asked repeatedly for other Disney scents. And we've listened! 

Our newest custom blend is Citrus Soarin', bringing the scents of California orange groves and mountainous pine trees into your home. Bring the ambiance of the popular ride Soarin' into your home with any of our hand poured home fragrance options. 

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Introducing Vermont - Maple Sugar candles!

Vermont Maple Sugar candle
Celebrate the state of Vermont with the newest addition to our American Collection - Maple Sugar candles!
As a child, I remember the treat of uber-sweet maple sugar candies, always in the shape of the traditional maple leaf. It's our pleasure to include Maple Sugar in our American Collection of candles and home fragrances.
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Introducing Ohio Buckeye candles!

New to our Americana Collection candles is Ohio, featuring the fragrance of the popular Buckeye - rich, gourmet dark chocolate and popular peanut butter!

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Introducing shipping to Canada!

We know....our neighbors are our friends....and we've neglected our friends too long.

We are now shipping to our neighbors in Canada! So many of your have asked for it, and we've finally found a way to make this happen.

Please know - we don't want to unfairly take advantage of our customers, but it is in your interest to purchase what you can afford in order to take advantage of shipping rates, which unfortunately are not inexpensive. Also, please know, international daily exchange rates apply.

P.S. - Not in Canada but still interested in our product? Check out our Etsy shop, where international rates are available. 

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Introducing Roll On Perfume

Roll on perfume by

Yes, we don't know what took so long, but now it's here!

Wear your favorite fragrance with our new roll on perfume. Made from a natural base of jojoba and sweet almond oils, our perfume is long lasting and conveniently sized to carry in your purse or to stash in your desk! 

Add depth to your body fragrances by pairing our roll on perfume with our all natural body spray. Because each is made from a different base, the fragrance evaporates at different strengths, bringing out the top, middle and bottom notes each at its own peak! 

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New scent - Mysterious (lavender and amber)

New to our Yoga Collection is Mysterious, a custom blend of lavender and amber.

Mysterious - lavender and amber candles

This scent was inspired by a celebrity gifting to Stephanie Drapeau. As a member of The Artisan Group, we have the opportunity to gift items to various celebrities from time to time. When I read that one of her favorite fragrances is lavender and amber, I knew exactly what scent to create for her! I had already been experimenting with the lavender and amber combination, and this gift opportunity pushed this scent to the top of the list.

Combining the fresh, floral fragrance of lavender with the dark and musky scent of amber does not seem a likely combination at first thought. But the blend of the two is .... well, mysterious and very romantic. 

Try Mysterious today! 

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Burning Your Candles: Tip #6

Recently, we received the following email:

The wick curled back into the candle the first time I lit it. I tried to "scoop" around it but have had no luck. I read your directions that came in the packaging. I did trim the wick before the first time I used it. Was I not supposed to do that?

Thank you, Shannon, for that question! Here is my response:

Candles sent directly from us should be trimmed to the proper wick length when shipped, so you should be ready to light your candle out of the box. My recommendation for you at this point would be to melt your candle on or under a warmer. When the melt pool reaches about 1/4" of an inch, gently pour the melted wax into a safe container such as a coffee or vegetable can. Allow the wax to harden, then burn again according to the tips which were sent to you. Here's a blog post which shows a warmer which could work for this purpose:

The good news is that you can continue to enjoy the fragrance while using a warmer to get your candle "in shape" again. Remember to gently pull the wick into center as the wax hardens - when the color starts to change and the wax becomes gel-like is a good time to start.




Do you have a question about burning your candles? Contact us anytime and we'll see how we can help!

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Write a Review

We so appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers - whether you've left a note for us on Facebook or written us directly. Now you have the opportunity to have your feedback published on our website!

To leave your feedback, go to the product page on our website and select the item you'd like to review. Below the product description, you'll see a section titled "Customer Reviews." Click "Write a Review" and complete the information in that section! It's just that simple!

And best of all, we'll reward you for the feedback you've left. After your review has been published, we'll award an additional five points to your account in our Loyalty Club! As we said, we truly appreciate the feedback you leave for us! 

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New Scent - Harmony (Nag Champa)

Whether you're looking for a free form hippie scent, a yogic karma experience, or a Mother Earth natural fragrance, our hand poured Harmony candles in Nag Champa will satisfy your every mood. Harmony is an exotic bouquet of sandalwood, champa flowers, violet and clove delicately blended with sensual amber, ylang ylang, patchouli and musk, evoking spirituality and meditation.

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New Scent - Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate the spirit of Cinco de Mayo with our custom blend of Lime and Cilantro. Lime creates a clean, fresh scent and Cilantro adds a touch of spice for a perfect summer candle.

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