Our new jars

As we reflect on our six years in business, we realize how far we've come, while also recognizing we still have many opportunities to grow and to evolve. One of those evolutions involves changing the jars for our candles. While we love the contemporary look of the Madison jar, we found the opening we too inconsistent and would often not fit the silver lid we preferred. After months of experimenting and testing, we have decided to switch to a more traditional, apothecary-styled jar.

In preparing for the launch of this new style, we found three things:

  1. The candle burned best when double-wicked. This provides a larger melt pool, which in turn gives a greater release of fragrance.
  2. We use a smaller wick with the double-wicking, which reduces the grey soot on your jar and in the enviornment.
  3. The apothecary jar is molded, not poured, which provides a more consistent opening. Every jar will now be capped with silver lid - no more plastic replacement dust covers!
  4. The jars are less expensive, and we can pass these savings on to you.

At the end of the day, we want what you want - a great scented product, which will provide fragrance to our home. We hope feel the same and will enjoy this change. 

Thank you for your continued support. We could not be where we are without you.

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Introducing Cactus Flower!

Arizona cactus flower candles by the columbia fragrance co

Celebrate the state of Arizona with our new Cactus Flower candles. Starting with top notes of orange blossom and sage, moving to middle notes of jasmine and rose, this warm and herbaceous scents ends with a woody base.

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Introducing Caribbean Teakwood!

Experience the tropics with our Caribbean Teakwood candles! With top notes of leather, tobacco, amber and musk, this scent melts into black tea and pepper and ends with bottom notes of aged teakwood, patchouli and sandalwood. It is a warm, masculine scent suited for the summer.

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Introducing Bay Rum!

Enjoy a trip to the tropics with our new Bay Rum candles! Spiced orange blends with cinnamon and clove with bottom notes of sensuous musk. Please sniff responsibly.

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Introducing Citrus Splash!

Citrus Splash candle

Bring the scent of clean into your home with our new Citrus Splash. A custom blend of Orange, Lime and Lemon, this scent will have your home bursting with citrus clean all day!

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Introducing Rejuvenate!

Rejuvenate your senses with our new Lavender and Lime fragrance products! Lightly floral lavender combines with fresh lime zest to leave you feeling fresh from a spa resort.

Lavender is one of my favorite bases to use for custom blends. And in looking ahead to the summer season, I wanted to find a blend which was fresh and floral but wanted to find a scent which would be unexpected. Step in Lime. I love the fresh taste of Lime - you'll often find me ordering water with lime at a restaurant - so I thought, why not try a Lavender and Lime blend? I'm so glad I did! It took a few trials to find a balance between the two, as the Lime could be a bit overpowering at times.

Lavender and Lime is one of my new favorites - perfect for a lightly floral summer scent and can freshen your home as the windows remain closed and the air conditioner circulates contained air.

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Introducing Strawberry Rain

Awaken to a late spring day with our custom blended Strawberry Rain candles. Drawing on current trends of flavored waters and aqua fragrances, Strawberry Rain combined strawberry, spring rain, and mountain lake scents for a sweet yet fresh scent.
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Introducing Wyoming - Dude Ranch!

Introducing Wyoming - Dude Ranch!

The newest addition to our Americana Collection represents the iconic Dude Ranch and the masculine scent of leather. Imagine leather chaps, leather saddles, and abundant machismo. This leather scent is surprisingly clean and available in all home and body fragrance products.
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Introducing Kentucky Bourbon!

Celebrate the state of Kentucky with a shot of straight up Bourbon! Did you know 95% of the world's bourbon is brewed in Kentucky? While a component of our popular Vanilla Bourbon, nothing is added to this aged whisky scent, which is fruity, woody with musky undertones.

Please sniff responsibly.

Other scents in our American Collection include:

 Is your state not listed? Tell us what reminds you of your state or favorite place!

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Introducing Lemon Cookie

Lemon cookie candles by The Columbia Fragrance Co.

Enjoy tea time with our new Lemon Cookie candles. A custom blend of pucker-sweet lemon with sugar cookie brings a fragrance special enough for tea time!

Many inspirations for our food scents are derived from our love of cooking. Always searching for new combinations, we began thinking about alternative options. One of our favorite foods is lemon cookie bars. Taking this scent into a home fragrance, I wanted to create a fragrance with a bit of “pucker bite” yet be sweet enough for tea time with the Queen. The result is a sweet, fresh kitchen scent, with a good dollop of crunchy cookie.

Lemon Cookie is available in all candle, home and body fragrance products.

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Introducting Orange Chai!

Orange Chai candles by The Columbia Fragrance Co.

Nestle in for the scent of comfort with our new Orange Chai candles. Sweet, citrus orange combines with rich, spicy chai for a fresh yet familiar scent to both energize and comfort you through the long days of winter. 

Many inspirations for our food scents are derived from our love of cooking. Always searching for new combinations, we began thinking about alternative options for beverage scents. One of my favorite comfort beverages is Constant Comment tea. Taking this scent into a home fragrance, I wondered about combining the popularity and warmth of chai with the sweetness of orange. Chai is also just a touch spicy with a frothy touch. The result is a beautiful comfort fragrance, yet one which is surprisingly fresh and clean for any time of year.

We’re celebrating National Hot Tea month all January with 15% off all Orange Chai products!

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Introducing Montana - Big Open Sky

Part of our Americana Collection, Big Open Sky celebrates the wilderness and beauty of Montana. Big Open Sky is a masculine scent, made from custom blend of fresh outdoors, rain, and lavender.
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