Fragrance spotlight - Walt's Wonderful World (Green Clover and Aloe)

Smell the happy

As many of you know, Walt’s Wonderful World is the flagship fragrance product of The Columbia Fragrance Co. You know it as the scent of your home away from home, whether that’s the Grand Floridian, the Contemporary, the Yacht Club, the Beach Club, or the Boardwalk. But do you know how this scent started?

Walt's Wonderful World

 Years ago when we were just starting our and our company was still D’Lites by Dorene, I came across this fragrance called Green Clover and Aloe, so I thought I'd give it a try. It had notes of ozone, lily of the valley, jasmine and musk, and it sounded absolutely beautiful. I put up for sale, and soon had somebody inquire whether it was the scent of Disney. And...I have to be candid...we hadn’t been to the resorts yet! So, I responded, if decided to purchase, would you please let us know? She did, and her response was yes, it was the fragrance she was looking for. 

After about three times, I said I've got to go and find out! Sure enough we were so pleased when we found out that this was a fragrance that everybody was looking for! 

Walt's Wonderful World

Walt’s Wonderful World is fresh, clean and absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. It's available for you in candles, fragrance sprays, reed diffusers, and most popularly we also have it in fragrance oil so that you can use those throughout your home in a variety of ways. It is the most popular of our Disney World scents. 

Here are some of the reviews from our customers: 

Five stars Hope: “It is the best scent ever! Talk about a mood booster! This scent takes you back to the most magical place of all time and it's wonderful. Buy and buy again!"

Five stars Michelle: “Walt’s Wonderful World is the best smell ever! I found this company when I was searching for new oils for the house. I wanted something that smelled fresh and clean. Something that I would not get tired of. This scent is everything I wanted and more. Every time people come over they ask what the scent is. LOVE IT!"

So if you’re ready to smell the happy, give our Walt’s Wonderful World a try!


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