A Breath Of Fresh Air: Disney Candle's 50th Anniversary Scents.

Our newest line of Disney candles and home fragrances.

With the 50th anniversary of Disney World, there is an upswing in sight, smell, and sounds from the most magical place on earth—the original Magic Kingdom. New scents have been introduced to several of the key resorts in time for the 50th anniversary festivities. As part of the anniversary celebration, Disney has again delighted us with new fragrances for their lobbies! We're pleased to introduce three new scents: Boardwalk Bliss, Riviera Reverie, and Victorian Splendor.

Boardwalk Bliss candles

Boardwalk Bliss, the new scent of Disney's Boardwalk resort

We turn the pages of time back to the iconic Boardwalk resort, where the scent of White Tea and Sage greets guests with a refreshingly vibrant welcome. Enjoy the scent of peaceful indulgence as you bring back memories of relaxing by the shore of Crescent Lake with our Boardwalk Bliss, a crisp and clean, unisex fragrance of white tea, with notes of bergamot, thyme and chrysanthemum. 

What we love about candles: Warmth. There is something undeniably warm and cozy about burning a candle that brings that home sweet home feeling into your precious space. Especially when it's the fragrance of your favorite home away from home! 

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Riviera Reverie, the new scent of Disney's Riviera resort

Travel to the Mediterranean Riviera with our Riviera Reverie! For this scent, we used a base of White Tea and added a touch of Cotton Blossom for that "clean, hot towel" feeling. (Ok, clean, hot towel may not be how you would ever describe the lobby, but the scent certainly had a "linen" aroma to it!)

Riviera Reverie is a crisp and clean, unisex fragrance, with notes of bergamot, thyme, and cotton.

What we love about fragrance sprays: Quick burst of fragrance. Anytime, anywhere, fragrance sprays are our go to when we want an instant ambiance. Most often found in bathrooms and kitchens, fragrances sprays are also great to use before lighting your candle and while waiting for the melt pool to begin evaporating its scent. 

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Riviera Reverie fragrance spray
Victorian Splendor

Victorian Splendor, the new scent of Disney's Grand Floridian resort

Who can resist the elegance of the Grand Floridian? Certainly not us! And we were entirely captivated by White Tea and Ginger for their 50th Anniversary fragrance.

Be practically perfect in every way as you bring back memories of taking your afternoon tea or enjoying the society orchestra with the fragrance of the Grand Floridian resort. Victorian Splendor is a crisp and clean, unisex fragrance, with notes of bergamot, white tea and greens.

What we love about home fragrance oils: Their versatility. Our favorite is to use them in mist diffusers.  Just a few drops can make our home smell like our favorite resort for an entire afternoon. We also use these oils in burners typically used with breakaway melts. For more ideas on how to use fragrance oils in your home, check out this blog post we wrote featuring several of our customer's ideas. 

Try Victorian Splendor today!

We don't know what the future holds for these commemorative scents, but we hope that they'll stick around. Whether you're new to Disney and have never tried them, or have been a regular visitor to a resort over the years, it's worth it to seek out one of these scents while they're still available. They really will take you back to that place in time—the nostalgia factor is through the roof with this collection!

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