Jump to the Front of the Line (Rush Processing)

VIP Price: $4.25
Regular Price: $5.00

We get it! We are last minute shoppers too, so jump to the front of the line with our Rush Processing option. Orders under $50 will jump to the front of the for a $5 convenience fee; please use multiple quantities of this option for each increment of $50 with your order. 

What this means:

When we receive an order with Jump to the Front of the Line, your order will do just that - it will go to the front of the line for fulfillment. Most often, this will expedite your order to a two-day turnaround time rather than our standard seven. 

What this does not mean:

This does not mean same day shipping, or even same day fulfillment. As a small business, we pull our orders once a day. So unless we know ahead of time there is a order for rush processing, we focus on a first in, first out processing system. And as most of our products are hand poured at the time of order, we keep a very low inventory. If your products are not available, we will move them to the top of our pouring schedule.  This means your order will ship as soon as the products are ready, usually within the next day or two. 

This also does not mean rush shipping, which we usually do not make available due to increased shipping costs. If you need this option, please contact us ahead of time for a quote.