Resort Home Fragrance Diffuser Oils, 2 oz | The Columbia Fragrance Co.
Home Fragrance Diffuser Oils, 2 oz | The Columbia Fragrance Co.
Resort Home Fragrance Diffuser Oils, 2 oz | The Columbia Fragrance Co.
Home Fragrance Diffuser Oils, 2 oz | The Columbia Fragrance Co.

Hotel Scent Diffuser Oils, 2 oz

Bring home the scent from your favorite resorts! 


Our home fragrance diffuser oils were made to capture the essence of the happiest fragrances from the most magical places! Whether your favorite fragrance is the Boardwalk or the Yacht Club, the Grand Floridian or Vero Beach, we've captured the perfect hotel scent of your home away from home. 

  • Walt's Wonderful World - This fragrance of Green Clover and Aloe was the popular lobby scent of the Beach Club, the Boardwalk, the Contemporary, the Grand Floridian, and the Yacht Club before the new fragrances associated with the 50th Anniversary celebration. It remains our most popular fragrance. 
  • Aqua Enchantment - A luxurious fragrance inspired by the prestigious Bellagio Las Vegas Resort, with refreshing notes of Lime, Grapefruit, and Lily of the Valley.
  • Boardwalk Bliss -  The new lobby scent features a base of white tea for a clean, refreshing fragrance. 
  • Coconut Calypso - Enjoy the sweet, charming scent of Coconut and Vanilla, similar to a Key West resort. 
  • Gilded Getaway - A luxurious blend of Green Bamboo, Bergamot, Turkish Rose, and more, capturing the essence of tall towers 64-story haven for a captivating and opulent escape.
  • Gondola Nights - A captivating blend of zesty Arancia and Venetian charm inspired by The Venetian's opulence, transforming your home into a haven of sophistication and warmth.
  • Island Dreams Transport yourself to paradise, with the scent inspired by the tropical paradise of  a Caribbean beach resort. 
  • Once Upon a Dream - Inspired by the earide"scent" anniversary fragrance of magical resorts. 
  • Polynesian Paradise - Tropical fruit and ginger spice combine for a sweet, summer scent. 
  • Riviera Reverie - The fragrance from the popular Mediterranean styled resort features more white tea and linen notes. 
  • Riverside Rendezvous - Enjoy the fresh scent of clean, cotton blossom. 
  • Safari Scentsation - Earthy sandalwood and vanilla take center stage with this outdoors and nuanced scent.
  • Scent of the Century - Green Tea and Lemongrass combine for a clean, fresh fragrance. 
  • Serenity Sands - Sweet vanilla blends woody sandalwood, similar to Xcaret in Cancun.
  • Sun-Kissed Citrine - The grapefruit and citrus scent found in upscale Marriott properties. 
  • Swan Song - White Tea, similar to Westin owned resorts and hotels and the Swan and Dolphin resort. 
  • Velvet Whispers - The scent of Allure Noir from the Las Vegas Cromwell.
  • Very Vero - Sweet orange blossom, reminiscent of Florida orange groves. 
  • Victorian Splendor - Practically perfect in every way, this fragrance from the Grand Floridian gives new meaning to elegance and luxury. 
  • Wilderness Wonderland - Pine and lodge combine for an outdoor retreat. 

This listing is for one 2oz oil. Diffusers are available here


*Boardwalk Bliss and Riviera Reverie are similar to the new fragrances currently being used with the 50th anniversary celebration. For the familiar scent of Green Clover and Aloe, check out Walt's Wonderful World


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
R. O.
Is awesome!

I use this in my bedroom diffuser and sleep like a baby all night. The scent Walts Wonderful World is perfect!

Kimberly F.
Hotel diffuser oils

Was impressed how nicely packed my order was ..
Pleasing scents ..Can’t wait to use them ..really liked Walt’s Wonderful World …Have already placed a second order to try more scents

Amy D.

I ordered “Walt’s Wonderful World” and “Boardwalk Bliss”… They are equally amazing, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Walt’s Wonderful World!! I put a few drops in my wax melts burner and the smell last for hours. I will definitely be ordering more! 🌟 Side note- I ordered the 2 oz sizes, but they sent me the 4oz sizes complementary since they were currently out of the 2oz sizes and didn’t want to make me wait! 🥺

Holly T.
Wonderful Scent

I am loving the Walt’s Wonderful World scent!!!

Aileen D.
Glorious Scents

Oh don't sit on ordering these beautiful scented oils, they really are heavenly and have a special way of transporting you through smell to a wonderful place, conjuring up memories of glorious days. I am really happen with the quality and fragrance and price point.