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Many happy memories

It's incredible how the olfactory senses can bring back a flood of memories and emotions. As a child, I was able to go to The Magic Kingdom during the inaugural year. I remember the anticipation of taking the trams, then the monorail or the ferry to the entry, and every single happy smell. Walt's Wonderful World brings it all back to me.

Great fragrance and scents!

I was nervous to try because I've been disappointed with oils not producing a strong enough fragrance in the past, but these are INCREDIBLE! I bought Amaretto Kiss, Walt's Wonderful World, and Boardwalk Bliss, and just running my diffuser for 6 hours keeps my entire house smelling amazing for 24 hours total. The scents smell incredible and I can't wait to pick out my next batch!

Love this fragrance

I love my wax melts…bring me right back to Grand Floridian every time. It’s such a beautiful, clean , crisp smell. I love it!

This is the Boardwalk!

Great scent! It really reminds me of the Boardwalk resort! I’d definitely purchase these wax melts again! The wax melts are also strong and last for a while compared to other wax melts I’ve purchased from other places!

Wonderful Candles!

Excellent quality candles that last a long time! Wonderful scent - makes our home smell just like our "home away from home" at Bay Lake Tower! The fragrance evokes wonderful memories and the candles are very pretty to look at, as well! Thank you so much for your outstanding products (We love Polynesian Paradise, too!) and exceptional customer service - as always!


This just might be the most exotic scent in my diffuser oil arsenal. It’s hard to explain this one. Just know that it is soft and unique. Floral and relaxing. Summer evening breezes are in your scent future.

A new fav!

Walking On Sunshine is definitely a well thought out blend of scents. It truly reminds me of being in Jamaica at an all inclusive resort after a rain storm had just passed by. You get the exotic and luxurious notes that just bring you back to amazing memories. Love LOVE!

Luxury resort vibes!

Another winner with Paradise Found! I have the candle version and my home feels luxurious as if I'm strolling through the Poly. I have gotten many compliments already. It has its floral notes while not being overwhelming and the touch of lush greenery at the same time. It truly is just a clean fresh and invigorating scent.

Mediterranean Magic is just that!

I'm really loving this new scent! Not only are the notes a tad citrus and light lavender but it also lends a little on the masculine side making it a perfect scent for our master bedroom! Definitely have vacation vibes with this one!

Boardwalk Bliss

Beautiful, clean smell. Arrived cloudy though, was told this could happen with "first pours" and it's ok to use.

Beach Bum
Lynn L.
Transports me right to the beach!

Omg love this scent! Reminds me and my daughters of a blanket we used to use to lay in the sun on .. just like our tanning lotions we used .. great!

Very lovely scent

Love this scent, I just wish it was stronger .. can barely smell it and it’s gone way too soon


This is a nice every day scent. Great for anytime. It’s a little floral and a little fresh laundry. My 22 year old really likes it and he is pretty picky about what he likes in the scent department.

Walking in Sunshine

This candle filled my house with scents that smelled like we were in our favorite place, the beach !! Reminded us of sunscreen, ocean water crashing against the shore and just put a smile on my whole family’s faces ! Love this one ! Which it was bigger


The scent is refreshing, clean like wrapping yourself in a freshly washed blanket. I wish the scent filled the house not just the room.

I am really happy with this product.

I bought Island Dreams. I am really happy with the scent. There is coconut and a pineapple hint. Very soothing scent, I will purchase again.

A scent to take you away!

If you enjoy the soft scent of flowering summer trees, this is the one for you!

Sunshine in my life

Walking on sunshine is a delightful blend that captures the essence of a bright, sunny day. I found the combination of grapefruit, sandalwood and ylang Ylang very unique in that it is both uplifting and calming. This blend is a fantastic choice and I would highly recommend for anyone seeking a little extra sunshine in their life :0)

Mini-vacation in a bottle

From the moment i opened the bottle, I was greeted with a vibrant, floral aroma that is both invigorating and soothing. The sweet exotic fragrance immediately uplifts your spirits, while the subtle undertones of palm fronds add a fresh, green balance that perfectly compliments the floral notes. Its like a mini-vacation in a bottle, perfect for when we need that mental getaway! Its a must have for anyone who wants to surround themselves with a luxurious, nature inspired fragrance.


Mediterranean Magic is a captivating fragrance oil that brings the serene beauty of the Mediterranean right into your home. Its exquisite blend of lime, lavender, bergamot and eucalyptus create a delightful and inviting atmosphere that you'll LOVE. It created a calming environment in my bedroom a touch of elegance to the bath, its versatile nature allows me to use it in any of my rooms. Embrace the magic and let this fragrance transform your home.


This is my second bottle of Walts Wonderful World. I fell in love with the scent and everyone that comes to my house always ask what is that Wonderful smell. Can't go wrong ordering this one!!!!

Once Upon a Dream
Deborah Q.

This is my first time ordering(Once Upon a dream) and I can honestly say it will be one of my favorites. My house smells Heavenly!!


I have bought this multiple time and I can't wait until I can add to the classroom experience!!

Beach Bum
Tamara R.
Amazing scent

This scent is just what I was looking for and takes me back to happy days spent at the beach! Love it.

Have always loved it and love it still!

Years of family trips to Disney reserve it a special place in my heart and Walt's Wonderful World takes me right back to all those fantastic memories! The room spray is a daily addition to my linens.