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Day at the Spa

This scent is SO relaxing! I have it in the bathroom as the perfect companion for a good bath.

Very relaxing

This scent reminds me of being in a spa , relaxing with the light scent of peppermint just brings that calm, tranquil feeling to the room, makes me feel relaxed & healthy

So clean & floral

I love the clean, fresh, crisp feeling you get when I diffuse this oil. I get the vision of sitting on the edge of dock, looking at very clear blue water with a slight breeze of wild flowers! Love this scent

My favorite!

I received 3 and this was by far my favorite along with Walt Disney! Really makes the room smell fresh and clean!

Yes but maybe a little more?

I liked this scent in the wax product, however, I was hoping for a more suntan lotion smell too. Otherwise, I would order again.

I liked it!

It smells magical - I liked the way it makes my room smell - definitely will order again!

Such a magical scent

I was so excited to receive my order. After seeing all the glowing reviews on this scent, I had to try it! Omg it's amazing! It's a clean scent but different from the fresh laundry kind. I can't quite describe it except that it's awesome.

Walt’s wonderful world

A lovely fragrance. Not too overpowering and just enough to make a room smell wonderful. I am very pleased with the fragrance and the ordering process.
I will definitely be ordering again from Columbia fragrance.

Enchanted For Sure

I have 6 diffusers going on throughout the house and oh my goodness this is some special stuff! It is crisp, clean, with a hint of something limey…or lemony…not sure, but whatever it is…I cannot get enough of it. I set all of the diffusers up the other day and my family came over and they raved about how amazing it smelled! I 150% recommend!!

Smells Soooo Enchating!!

Love, love this scent!! Bought the room spray and went alittle overboard with it!! Seriously, this scent is magical!! Definitely reminds me of several resorts at Disney! The scent truly puts you in a great mood and I never get tired of it! It's a sweet, and clean smell with a hint of floral. One that can make your home smell absolutely amazing with just a few sprays!! Wonderful for an all year scent!!

Great smelling

I didn’t think anything could smell as good as the wax melts but here we are. Make sure to burn the candle down as directed and they will last a long time.

Wow. You won’t be disappointed

I have always bought the febreze car air fresheners but after receiving this the other day I will only use this. The fragrance is great and it so easy to use

First Time purchasing and will purchase again

My family all fomented today on how amazing our home smells. I put this in my diffuser for the first time today and everyone wants this scent in their bedroom.

Can’t get enough

I love the smell of this product. I will never purchase diffuser oils from any other company.

Always Amazed

This scent is amazing! It’s a must buy for sure!

Morning Dew
Kathleen P.

Beautiful, fresh scent in my diffuser!

Just like being in the Bellagio Lobby

This scent is amazing. It smells just like the Bellagio hotel lobby. This is by far a favorite of my family. The scent is not oveerpowering. It has a light floral/citrus smell. I would buy this again.

Lemongrass and Green Tea

This diffuser oil has made my home smell just like a spa. This is one of my top choices in the diffuser fragrance oil. Lemongrass has always been a go to for me, but with the green tea added this absoltely amazing.

Back to the Islands

This smell brings me back to a tropical vacation. I love the smell. When I recieved this, I thought that the smell would be faint in my diffuser but it is not. It fills the whole room with a tropical scent.

Smells just like spring

This smells just like a spring walk in the park with the blooming magnolia trees. This is one of my all time favorite spring smells.

Amazing smell

I used the Moonlight Magic diffuser oil for the first time today. My home smells amazing. It has a wonderful floral scent that is perfect for spring.

Walts Wonderful World

This is the ost wonderful scent I have ever used. We have several dogs that live in our home and I have always used lemongrass in my diffusers. I ordered this and my home smells amazing. I will always order my diffuser fragrances from this Company. I have not recieved one that I have not liked.

Fresh and lovely. A must have candle!

This is another win ! Great fresh scent - even though it is called Frosty Fairytale-don’t think winter or Christmas. No, this is a lovely all year round scent. Very crisp pleasant aroma. To my nose, it’s reminiscent of baby powder or clean sheets. Very clean scent. I think it would be lovely in a powder room or even a nursery. ..or really anywhere! As all of Columbia’s candles, the throw is strong and candle burns nicely .

Hands down the most delightful smell I have ever breathed in!!

How do you describe the absolute best smell you have ever smelled? What words would you use? It's a hard question to answer if you are being honest. Walt's Wonderful World to me is my most favorite scent of all when it comes to home fragrances. It smells HEAVENLY! It's so fresh, clean and leaves you feeling really good and happy! Seriously.What I find intriguing about it is that it is a Green Clover and Aloe scent which I wouldn't have ever guessed those two scents put together would make this incredible smell...but somehow it does and it works!! I am a Disney lover and this scent can be smelled at several of the resorts there. I can tell you this one will not disappoint and you will find yourself stocking up so you will always have this year round smell in your home!! Diffuser oil, wax melts and sprays are all that good!! Give it a try and you can thank me later!!

Flourish Oil Diffuser
Renee W.
I’m in ❤️

The diffuser is so cute and fits well in each room. I got 3 of the same and they are so versatile. This was so easy to set up and works so good!! I’m addicted! Going to keep my eye on some of the other diffusers coming available.