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Smell the memories

I absolutely LOVE Walt’s Wonderful World. My husband and I went to Disney to celebrate our 25th anniversary. When I got home I wanted my house to smell like the resort we stayed in and others we visited. So on the hunt I went for a fragrance to take me back to that wonderful time. I found it with Walt’s Wonderful World! Everyone that comes over wants to know what I have in my house. It’s classic, it’s cozy, it’s romantic and it feels like home!

Absolutely Wonderful Smell

I'm so happy with my Dawn Song melts! They fill my house with the perfect mix of smells! I will definitely but this again!

Walts wonderful world

I've been buying this for a while and I absolutely love it! I get so nervous when you aren't open to take orders.I have it in my house and in my camper,the smell just makes me so happy,please never leave!

Takes me Soarin'!

This scent is what I imagine when I think of Soarin'. It's one of my favorite rides and this scent takes me to my happy place!

The description is spot on!

This is such an unexpected scent, but I love it! Now that I reread the description it truly is romantic, masculine, even sexy. It isn't what I envisioned for Pandora, but I can make that connection for sure.

Takes me to the Poly!

This fragrance is exactly what I would expect for the Polynesian AND I also get Dole Whip vibes from it! Well done!

This fragrance is a DREAM!

I am so obsessed with this scent! It is so light, airy and sweet like summer!

Walt's World is spot on!

This fragrance is exactly what you would expect from the Contemporary or other similar scented resorts. It is perfect!

Reflections Collection candles
Sarah S.
One of my new favorite scents!

First, let me say that the candle jar is gorgeous! It's sparkly and whimsical, I love it. But the SCENT!!! The India Indulgence scent is just divine. I've burned it every night while reading in bed and it's such a calming scent. Dorene also includes some really helpful tips about burning your candles. Even as someone who burns candles constantly, I learned a couple of things!

Car oil

These scents smell so wonderful I can’t wait to have my car smell like them!!

❤️ love

I received my order today so happy with the product my home smells amazing. I will definitely be purchasing more of your products.

Bigger is always better!

I bought the 4 oz bottle of walt’s wonderful world, simply because i use it continuously in my diffusers throughout my home. It is the quintessential smell of happiness!

Perfect For Taking you Back...

Smells exactly like walking into a Disney Resort. I love walking through my house and getting a whiff of it and immediately thinking Disney. So fresh smelling, and lasts. I like that it doesn't have that nasty aerosol smell. Already placed my subscription so I don't run out.

Buy One, Get One Free Breakaway melts
Annie P.
Rosemary and pine

This is delish, refreshing and spa like. Recommend!

Riverside rendezvous

Lovely scent. Not overpowering


I don’t know if this matches the scent on the cruise ship Wonder, but it is very close and I love it! Ordering more

Authentic orange blossom scent

I am *in love* with your Very Vero scent.,
I got it in the wax melts first because I am very picky about my orange blossom scents.
I will absolutely be purchasing more of your products. Seriously. It’s perfect.

Sample Sets
Cori F.
Amazing scents

I’ve kinda been “in my smells” lately so I’ve been ordering sample sets from different vendors places and brands to try out and The Columbia Fragrance Co hands down has the best scents!! I ordered the sample set of room sprays to try and I absolutely love Walt’s Wonderful World and Boardwalk Bliss!! These scents last far longer than anything I’ve ever used before. I’ve found my love scents and so excited to get my full order of everything Walt’s Wonderful World. I wish this smell came in a perfume it’s so clean and fresh I want to bathe in it!

Buy One, Get One Free Breakaway melts
Very Enriching

The scents are delicious!

Smells Amazing

I got these in the wax melts and it smells amazing!!! Just the right mix of leather and Whiskey that's realistic, unique and enjoyable. Great throw with the wax melts!

Breakaway melts
Amanda D.

Walt’s Wonderful World is absolutely fantastic. Love the scent!


I am obsessed with the WDW fragrance. I have added two new diffusers to my house and threw away all my plug ins.

Brings back memories

I haven’t been to the Beach Club in over 10 years but my family remembers how wonderful it smelled. I was excited when I came across Walts Wonderful World fragrance. Although I can’t recall if the scent is exact to what I remember, it is a lovely fragrance. I purchased the oil and the wax melts. The oil seems stronger but I am going to try using 2-3 melts at a time. I do wish the scent was a little stronger because if i have the melts plugged in all day and i come home after being out for a few hours, i can barely smell it when i come home. So, a little more fragrance would improve this product.

Feel like I'm at the Boardwalk!!

I stayed with friends at the Boardwalk Resort at Disney World in 2021 and ever since, we can't stop talking about how AMAZING the lobby smelled. I've searched everywhere (even in the parks) for a similar scent, but nothing was even close. This is literally perfect - I even sprayed all my Disney plushes because I can't get enough of it.

First time ever

I cannot express how much I love Wilderness Wonderland (Lodge). The scent is amazing. I typically will run my diffuser for a six-hour session, then give it a couple days before diffusing again. My diffuser ran for two sessions, back-to-back. First time I've ever done that. I will be ordering again and again!