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Walts wonderful world scent !!

I love this scent. I’ve purchased this two times and try to make the melts last a long time. I also ordered a set foe my daughter. Love it!

Amazing product

Walts Wonderful World is hands down the most favorite fragrance that we use in our home. The quality of your oils and melts is equal to that of brick and mortar shops.

Love this scent!

This scent is the best! We use it for every room in the house!

It’s ok. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but it does smell nice

Clean-Nice Scent

This is a quality product. Much better than "aromatherapy" scents and gimmicks. Totally worth the price. DOn't be fooled by the small bottle, it GOES A LONG WAY!!! Whenever I want quality scents, that aren't overbearing, heavily perfume-type, or musky.....this is the best choice. You can even do a light spray on your COVID mask. I am very appreciative of the time and talent used to produce. The Magnolia scent is just as great. I am starting to branch out (on a trial ) to check out their other items. Again---BULLSEYE. I will be a long-term customer. THANKS AGAIN!!!


Magical Memories

I got the Magical Memories set. I loved how it smelled. The candle scent filled the house while burning

Breakaway melts - May gift
Maria D.
Breakaway melts

I love them. Been using the regularly. They give off a great scent.

Huckleberry Harvest
Brenen H.
Huckleberry harvest.

I love the scent of Huckleberry's. I bought my girlfriend and myself some.

Easy to order

The product smells great.


This smells like florida! So floral and wonderful! Best purchase of oil!

My new favorite 🍊 💚

I love the Columbia fragrance Co.’s Walt's Wonderful World (Green Clover and Aloe) and thought I would try something new. The Orange Blossom Scent is so clean, fresh and invigorating. It’s one of my new favorites! About to place another order right now, thanks Dorene!

These Little Beauties part 2

Once again, Soarin! Wow. Captured the oceanscape scene perfectly and transports you to an a beautiful sandy paradise.

These Little Beauties

What else can be said about this scent except, Soarin. Captured and bottled perfectly to take you back to the savannah during your flight

A Desert Rose

No a huge fan of "rose" scents got it more for the wife who loves it but i must say this is the perfect blend of Jasmine and Rose and it is in no way overwhelming. First time i can say i really enjoy a "rose/flower" scent around the house.

Takes Me Back to Pandora

This scent is amazing, whenever i want a quick scent travel back to Animal Kingdom i put a few drops in the diffuser, put so Avatar BGM and get transported.

Love Spell has me sold!

Love Spell is such a wonderful mix of citrus and clean and fresh. I most probably would not have purchased this scent had it not been a gift but I am thankful that I got to sample it. The smell is divine and I will start purchasing this scent. I love it!

Scent By Mickey subscription boxes

Dole Whip

I love this new fragrance!! It is a perfectly balanced sweet and fresh scent for spring and summer( or anytime)! It is definitely going on the Top 3 list for me!

Love the “Walt’s Wonderful World” green clover and aloe

Just like the Contemporary!

Reed diffuser oils, 2 oz refill

Distinctive Spring Scent

Gets you into Spring mood. Delivered in good condition. Delightful addition to you collection

Savannah Soarin is my favorite!

Savannah Soarin’ is refreshing, light, and transformative - it literally lifts my mood if I’m having an off day. It’s like dewy fresh-cut grass, mixed with blue skies and warm smiles. It’s the best.

Wall plug in fragrance warmer

It works well enough. It would be so much easier if the fragrance container was detachable from the unit for discarding used fragrance.

Takes me back!

I love the variety in this set. Everything smells so good! Highly quality products that always put me in a good mood! A great purchase for yourself or to make separate gifts.