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Roll On Perfume
Amy C.
I absolutely love my Walt’s Wonderful World roll on perfume

I am soooo glad I took a chance and tried the roll on perfume in Walt’s Wonderful World. I was nervous about wearing my favorite candle smell… but it’s perfect! It’s not overbearing. It just smells nice. I’ll definitely buy it again!

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Jennifer H.

I’m melting Rejuvenate, which is the Lavender and pine , in the kitchen. It smells soothing in my apartment tonight

the person that received candle said it smelled good

Amazing products

The Magical Memories scent set had great smelling candles and oils!! Highly recommend.

Victorian Splendor

Excellent, very happy with this product

Love this scent, very happy with the purchase.

Who cares if it's WDW match? It's so perfect.

It's been awhile since I've been to WDW, so I can't really say whether this smells the same. I do have lots of memories when I burn it, though! This scent is light and fresh, calming. I'm almost done with the first candle, and have a second ready to go. This is one I will be repurchasing over and over!.

Floridian Resort

Reminds me of my stay at the Floridian Resort!

Walts Wonderful World Scent

Bring me back to the happiest place in the world

Amazing oil

I really love the smell wish l could purchase more but I live on a fixed income little too expensive right now

Pirates plunder

Love this scent!!!!

It’s like mini Christmas every month!

My fiancé and I get so excited when the scent by Mickey box arrives! We tear through the box so quickly I always forget to stop for a picture 😅. The scents fit together perfectly with the theme every month and each one smells amazing. I occasionally buy extra products for my friends and loved ones to share the joy and magic as well.

Purchase from Columbia Fragrance

The oil I have received IS EXCELLENT. Sunday 9/5/2021 I will be placing another order with you. I am very pleased. Thank you! Sincerely. Marbeth Dickman. 💞

Love this scent!

I use this scent in my house, have given it as a gift and use it between stays at our vacation rental. It is such a clean, fresh scent that is the perfect touch to making our rental smell like a luxury resort. Highly recommend!!!

wow this company is pretty amazing! :)

i had left an honest review re my first order placed w/ Columbia Fragrance. satisfied w/ my purchases, but i had made mention of not receiving my free gift that's mentioned w/ the flicker fan box.
never expecting anything, Dorene is beyond amazing! she had read my review and immediately shipped me a surprise gift! wow!!! so unexpected and blown away at the attentive care!
i was sent a full bar of soap. not only does the scent (poison apple) smell delicious!...i can not wait to try this beautiful soap!
Miss Dorene, you're pretty darn special!!! thank you for my surprise!

My Review

The Gatsby was PHENOMENAL! I will be ordering that again. Along with the Orange Blossom. Walt's Wonderful World is outstanding too,but I'd like the scent to be a little stronger(?). Same goes for the Orange Blossom. But its not enough to deter me from ordering again. Along with some I haven't tried yet. Great Company. Great product.


I was truly blown away by my box! There was so much magic - each scent was picked out perfectly for the theme. Everything smells amazing and brings me to Disney. 😀

Smells like home!

Walt’s Wonderful World scent smells incredible. My house smells like BLT, our home resort in Disney World! The quality of the melts, oil and room spray are top notch! I will definitely order again.
Tip: I add a few drops of oil into my Crosswave when cleaning my floors.

Amazing Scent

I bought this scent and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but it ended up being my absolute favorite scent, and I bought 6 new scents to test out! It is so fresh, clean and relaxing. I want my whole house to smell like this!

Walts wonderful world scent !!

I love this scent. I’ve purchased this two times and try to make the melts last a long time. I also ordered a set foe my daughter. Love it!

Amazing product

Walts Wonderful World is hands down the most favorite fragrance that we use in our home. The quality of your oils and melts is equal to that of brick and mortar shops.

Love this scent!

This scent is the best! We use it for every room in the house!

Florida Orange Blossom

Scent By Mickey - previous boxes
Amanda A.
Just when I thought…

Just when I thought I had the greatest Mickey box on the planet before, Dorene has once again amazed me!! The boxes are always so wonderfully assembled and the fragrance selection is second to none!! I love when I get them and can’t wait to light the candle and spray the wonderful scents picked out just for my box. Please order one for yourself and you will be back for more!!