For a unique and profitable fundraiser, support a family owned business who supports you!

Enjoy 50% profit on every candle you sell. We take the confusion out of fundraising sales for you. To start your fundraising program:

  1. Select the dates of your fundraising campaign. We recommend starting with an end date in mind (such as the first week in December), and working backwards. Please allow two weeks for your students/members to sell to their neighbors/families/friends, one week for your volunteer captain to gather the orders and to compile your sales, and two weeks for us to produce and ship based on sales of 100 units. For this time frame, October 15th is a good start date for sales to begin in order to arrive by December 1st. 
  2. Select the fragrances you would like to sell. We recommend selling no more than 10 scents and can provide you with a recommended list of our best sellers based upon the season.
  3. When your sales kit arrives, motivate your sales team! All checks should be made out to your organization - you will submit one check to us, and keep the the remainder of the sales for your profits! 
  4. Submit a total list for us to process. We will send you a custom tracking number to stay up to date on the status of your sales. 

We will provide brochures and order forms for your sales team, as well as tips and best practices including information on our products and strategies to help you sell. Additionally, we will sort the orders for you, saving you precious time and headaches. 

To schedule a fundraiser or for more questions, please complete our contact form today.