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Getting ready for guests this weekend? Here are a few quick tips on using fragrances to freshen your home before they arrive:

First, pick one scent to use throughout your home. Similar to using a unified color scheme in your home, using one fragrance will create a cohesive ambiance as your guests move throughout the house. If you must use more than one fragrance, try to use scents which work well together and separate them by floors. Some popular combination suggestions from our customers include Walt’s Wonderful World and Very Vero, Victorian Splendor and Once Upon a Dream, or Boardwalk Bliss and Citrus Smile.

Speaking of scents, this is the time to use fragrances which are light and clean. While you may love a strong balsam or cinnamon, they may be a little too strong for guests with allergies or sensitive noses. And light and clean scents will blend well as you are cooking then cleaning up.

Last, start “priming” your home with fragrance a few days before your event. Start burning your candles warming your oils on Friday. When you clean your bathrooms, spritz a few pumps of spray onto the shower curtain, any window treatments and your trash can. Add a few drops of your favorite oil to a touch of Dawn, add some water and you have a DIY cleaner for your counters and floors. Spritz a refresher through your home an hour before your guests arrive and start your oil warmers.

These steps will help your fragrance become “part” of your home and will create those layers of top, middle and bottom notes which are so important.

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