Burning Your Candles: Tip #3 June 10 2014


Mushrooms. No, not the ones which grow under trees, the ones which accumulate on candle wicks. 

Mushrooms on candle wicks are the natural result of carbon buildup as a result of burning your candle. Some candles mushroom more than others, depending upon its ingredients: the wax, the wick, the fragrance, and the dye. 

To burn your candles safely, these mushrooms should be removed prior to additional lightings. To remove, use a wick trimmer, which can "lift" the mushroom from the wick. Alternately, tilt your candle to the side then trim using a standard pair of scissors. Either way, ensure the mushroom does not fall onto the wax or become stuck in the wax pool. Always trim your wicks with a candle in which the wax has cooled.

Mushrooms can also be minimized by trimming your wick to 1/4" prior to burning.