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Melts of the Month Club Memberships
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Give the gift that keeps on giving, or indulge yourself with a membership in our Melts of the Month Club. Each month you, or your giftee, will receive two breakaway melts in the fragrance collection of your choice. 

Select from 3-, 6-, and 12-month memberships and a collection of Best Selling Scents, Fragrance of the Month, Garden Collection, Kitchen Collection, Yoga Collection or Outdoors Collection.

The first month, you will receive a plug in fragrance warmer. If this membership is a gift, the recipient will also receive a gift card. The following table reflects total cost of the subscription (you will not be charged shipping at checkout):

 Monthly subscription Melts and Warmer Shipping Total cost
3 month subscription $41.50 $10.00 $51.50
6 month subscription $73.00 $20.00 $93.00
12 month subscription $136.00 40.00 $176.00