Introducing the Americana Collection

Introducing the Americana Collection

One of the things we love most about fragrance is the ability to reconnect with a favorite time, place, or event. And we also love to travel. We've brought these two interests together with our Americana Collection - celebrating and scenting the American Spirit!

Born in Ohio and raised in Indiana, I'm a Midwestern girl at heart. Give me an OH and an IO, and I'll give you some Buckeyes to take you back home. And if you're from Indiana, you know we love our "pinies" (Peonies) in the spring! Now living in Maryland, you can take me On the Chesapeake any day!

 And we love the Eastern Shore!  The fresh scent of Beachwood Vetiver gets us every time we walk over the dune. Our travels take us into Connecticut, where we just have to play Into the Mystic when we enter the city, or western West Virginia, where the spas and forests inspired our Almost Heaven fragrances. 

Other scents in our Americana Collection include:

Gift or give the fragrance of your favorite memory. More scents coming soon, but let us know if there is something you need now!