Dreaming of Fragrance

Ok, I admit it – sometimes I actually dream about new fragrances. Don’t laugh! It isn’t so different from the basketball player who dreams about his free throw, the businessman who dreams of signing his once in a lifetime contract, or the med student who dreams of acing his MCAT.

It’s a sign of dedication to your work.

So, driving today, I found myself dreaming of new fragrances for our fall line. Sometimes fall is easier – the harvest is in, it’s time to cook again, and the holidays are coming soon. So scents of apple, pumpkin and cinnamon are fairly easy to dream. But I like to push myself.

Recently, I’ve been intrigued with the Caramel Swirl Coconut from Dunkin’ Donuts; I’m too curious about the double sweetness and I’ll have to try that one soon. So, in thinking about caramel, I also dreamed about Caramel Chai Tea and Caramel Latte.

Recently I tested Almond Vanilla and Almond Chocolate Biscotti. Both were wonderful, but I could smell the Almond Chocolate Biscotti all through our space!

What are your favorite fall fragrances? Let us know – we just might name our new inspiration for you! 

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