5 Great Scents for Your Home Office

5 Great Scents for Your Home Office

Scenting your home office is a bit different than scenting your home. Typically, we want our home to convey a feeling – fresh and clean, comfy and cozy, or reminiscent of a happy place. But in a work environment, what we don’t want is to layer additional distractions, especially when working from in the home office. Too much fresh and clean can feel antiseptic. Too much comfy and cozy can make us hungry or go looking for a place to cuddle and nap. Too much of a happy place changes our focus to photographs and memories.

When scenting your home, consider fragrances which are not just clean, but more understated than you would usually consider. You’re looking for a “sense” of neutrality and subtlety. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Lavender – A perennial favorite, lavender is known for providing a calming influence to its environment. Look for scents which contain clean notes rather than floral, and consider a blend with one of the other scents below. Try our favorite, Almost Heaven (Lavender and Pine). 
  • Peppermint – Mint provides a sense of freshness for mental acuity, which can be helpful when that 2:30 nap comes calling. For your home office, mint is best when blended with a light floral or citrus. A popular favorite is our custom blended Refresh (Lavender and Mint). 
  • Rosemary – Rosemary is one of our favorite blenders. It’s undeniably clean, yet brings woody notes which can provide a sense of home to help keep you grounded when Zoom meetings get a little rough. A favorite of ours is Day at the Spa (Rosemary and Mint). 
  • Grapefruit – Often overlooked, grapefruit is strong citrus which knows a clean like no other. While it can be a bit strong, consider adding a blend. Our favorite is bergamot, which provides a sense of warmth and cozy and works in unisex environments. We love this custom blend of Grapefruit and Bergamot
  • Orange – Often a bully of a fragrance, orange is simply citrus sunshine. For a neutral scent, consider adding a hint of patchouli for a more masculine option. Try our Hippy Mickey

The effects of fragrance are beneficial, regardless of whether you choose to use essential or fragrance oils. For options on how to use these scents, see our blog post How to Use Fragrance in Your Home Office.


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