New scent - Mysterious (lavender and amber)

New to our Yoga Collection is Mysterious, a custom blend of lavender and amber.

Mysterious - lavender and amber candles

This scent was inspired by a celebrity gifting to Stephanie Drapeau. As a member of The Artisan Group, we have the opportunity to gift items to various celebrities from time to time. When I read that one of her favorite fragrances is lavender and amber, I knew exactly what scent to create for her! I had already been experimenting with the lavender and amber combination, and this gift opportunity pushed this scent to the top of the list.

Combining the fresh, floral fragrance of lavender with the dark and musky scent of amber does not seem a likely combination at first thought. But the blend of the two is .... well, mysterious and very romantic. 

Try Mysterious today! 

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