Burning Your Candles: Tip #6 July 31 2015

Recently, we received the following email:

The wick curled back into the candle the first time I lit it. I tried to "scoop" around it but have had no luck. I read your directions that came in the packaging. I did trim the wick before the first time I used it. Was I not supposed to do that?

Thank you, Shannon, for that question! Here is my response:

Candles sent directly from us should be trimmed to the proper wick length when shipped, so you should be ready to light your candle out of the box. My recommendation for you at this point would be to melt your candle on or under a warmer. When the melt pool reaches about 1/4" of an inch, gently pour the melted wax into a safe container such as a coffee or vegetable can. Allow the wax to harden, then burn again according to the tips which were sent to you. Here's a blog post which shows a warmer which could work for this purpose:


The good news is that you can continue to enjoy the fragrance while using a warmer to get your candle "in shape" again. Remember to gently pull the wick into center as the wax hardens - when the color starts to change and the wax becomes gel-like is a good time to start.




Do you have a question about burning your candles? Contact us anytime and we'll see how we can help!