January is National Hot Tea Month!

January is one month of the year we all tend to stay in doors as much as possible, dreaming of staying warm. Visions of log fires and hot tea drift through our dreams. How glad we were to learn January is National Hot Tea Month!
In celebration, we're offering all Cinnamon Chai, Coconut Green Tea, and Pumpkin Chai products at 25% off. 
Cinnamon Chai is a a sweet scent, reminiscent of tea from your favorite coffee shop. Topped with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a dash of soy milk, this comfy scent is sure to please.
Coconut Green Tea
Coconut Green Tea is an exotic and spa-like scent. This is a softer, much milder coconut scent.
Pumpkin Chai
 Pumpkin Chai is another coffee shop inspired fragrance. Sweet pumpkin combines with nutty cinnamon for a rich, dark treat. 
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