Welcome to our Pumpkin Patch!

As autumn moves in to October, we begin thinking about fall fragrances, in particular pumpkin. What a scent which can handle so much variety! From spicy to sweet, pumpkin provides a veritable boom of creativity for the candle community. 

We offer three custom blends to you as the October fragrance of the month:

  • Pumpkin Buttercream is a decadent, sweet scent, full of vanilla. 

  • Straight from your favorite coffee shop, we offer our classic Pumpkin Chai Tea. Sweet but mostly spicy with a dash of cinnamon, this is one of our best selling scents. 

  • Introduced to our line last year, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake is a rich, decadent scent filled with dark chocolate. 

All pumpkin scented products are 25% off as the October Fragrance of the Month