Bring the orchard into your home!

Welcome to September! The change of seasons are always exciting - it's an opportunity to give your home a fresh look, change your wardrobe and explore new weekend activities. While you're exploring change, add a fresh new fragrance to your home. Why not start with apples? 

This September, our featured fragrance of the month is apple, and all Johnny Appleseed and Apples & Oak products are 25% off.

Here's some fun apple trivia for you:

  • The number five is important in the world of apples, and not just because apple is a five-letter word: Apple blossoms typically form in clusters of five … an apple blossom has five petals … Red Delicious apples usually have five bumps (lobes) on the base of the apple … The "star" you see when you cut an apple in half is due to the fruit's five seed cavities. Each cavity has the potential for 2 seeds, thus 10 seeds per apple are the norm.

  • 25 percent of an apple’s volume is air. That is why they float.

  • Johnny Appleseed spent 49 years of his life in the American wilderness planting apple seeds to fulfill his dream of a land where apple trees blossomed everywhere and no one was hungry. Born John Chapman September 26, 1774, in Massachusetts, Johnny created apple orchards in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. There is no way to estimate how many millions of seeds he planted in the hundreds of nurseries he created in the territory lying south of the Great Lakes and between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. More than 200 years later, some of those trees still bear apples.

  • Apples are a member of the rose family.

  • In ancient Greece, tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage; catching it was acceptance.

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